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What I am planning to do in the future (12 fans special)

Posted by efartz - November 17th, 2016

Right now I have 12 fans so I thought I could make a post about what I am planing to do in the future.

While I was signing in newgrounds, I didn't know what my username will be. After tries and "Username already exists"-s, I got mad and randomly typed few letters just to have a profile with a username that nobody used before. Right now, I wish I knew better back then. I didn't know newgrounds does not allow us to change usernames. I mean, there is a "fart" right in the middle of my username and that kinda makes me sad because some people "judge a book by it's cover" (some aren't even aware they are doing that). I thought to start a YouTube channel named "efartz" and be a comedian, let's player, etc. but if I name my account "efartz", the internet trolls are probably going to kill me with roasts. I am still waiting for myself to make a decision on what my channel's name is going to be. But the good thing is that there is planty of time til I star a YouTube channel because I am 16 and I think I am gonna make a channel when I be about 20.


Sorry for saying this, but I gave up on Flash. But instead of that, I will make GameMaker games. Thank God that newgrounds now supports GameMaker (HTML5 actualy, but GM has an option to "convert" GM to HTML5). I started to program in GameMaker since the start of 2016.

Only viewers who know GM will understand this: I have mastered D&D and jumped into coding. I can't say I am an expert, but I know for sure I am not a noob at it. I have understood the "nature" of GM programming which will help me a lot at learning more about GML (GameMaker language) coding.


If you are still wondering about me and Madness then: No. I am not leaving Madness Combat (completely). I still like the idea of Madness C. and maybe I will put some of it in my GM games. (I am still waiting for both MC:PN2 and MC11)


Thank you for your support, even if I only have 12 fans and 1 or 2 comments on an everage post.


EDIT: Here is an example of one of my games. Here, I test my movement and DRAW coding skills.


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Your art pieces are pretty cool! :) Make one about like a dark temple samurai. That would be pretty cool too. :) If you want to sometime you can come checkout some of my comedy arts.